Keeping the city clean and safe with all the utilities running round the clock calls for continued efforts, administrative efficiency and lots of funding. Besides, attracting investments and preventing talent flight for economic growth requires political will too.

The smart city movement

Rapid urbanization, rising aspirations of citizens for a better quality of life and competition among cities to attract more investments and retain skilled people are fueling the smart city movement. Essentially a smart city entails:
  • Anytime anywhere access to city services and participative governance
  • Revenue assurance from all sources of income to ensure self-sustainability
  • Secure, maintain and ensure optimal usage of city’s assets and facilities
  • Uninterrupted flow of utility services through coordinated instrumentation
  • Monitor and control all aspects of urban life from city operations center
  • Gaining deeper insights into city data for continuous improvement

Fluentgrid, the smart partner

Fluentgrid partners with cities to:
  • Integrate existing digitized city functions and intelligent devices across the city to bring situational awareness, insights and control
    through the centralized command center
  • Ensure uninterrupted flow of utility services through IT and OT interventions
  • Comprehensive revenue protection and maximization across all revenue sources
  • Facilitate citizen engagement and participative governance through IT tools and social media
  • Streamline city functions and implement ERP to bring all of them online
  • Deploy networked smart elements to realize a central nervous system connecting the city
  • Offer back office and field services to become lean and agile
  • Continue to advise and support as a strategic partner

Every critical solution touching the citizens

We are capable and experienced to help cities on most of the solutions and services that improve the quality of life for citizens, including:
  • Consulting Services
  • ICT Solutions
  • Managed Services

Pioneering work in smart city enablement

  • Progressive cities that wanted to have centralized operations view
  • Large private communities with a passion to make a difference to its residents
  • Smart utilities piloting smart grid technologies in a city
  • Newly anointed cities trying to monitor capital projects
  • Power utilities moving closer to citizens through kiosks

We had partnered with all of them, helping them achieve their objectives and continue to support them as a partner in progress.

Within arm’s reach

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    As a partner, we always try to be in touch with our customers and resolve any issue, even before it is reported. With subsidiaries and offices across the world, our teams are always within arm’s reach whenever there is a need.