Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is the governing body of Visakhapatnam (aka Vizag), the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh state. Fondly known as The City of Destiny, Vizag metropolitan region covers an area of 5,573 sq km and is the 9th most populous in India with a population of 5.3 million.

GVMC faces the issue of tax and rental arrears and revenue leakage from many aspects, like many other urban local bodies. Isolated systems for each revenue source without consolidation makes it difficult to understand the whole picture.

Vizag is one of the cities selected by Government of India as part of its 100 Smart Cities initiative. USTDA is funding the consulting project to finalize the smart city elements relevant for Vizag.

Business Issues

  • Disparate smart initiatives without centralized monitoring
  • Scope for revenue leakage due to incorrect assessment or inaccurate metering of services
  • Lack of consolidated reporting and analysis on various revenue sources to act on overdue payments
  • Absence of data led coordinated project/program monitoring

Solution Delivered

Command Center-Web Slide-02

  • Fluentgrid City Command Center (CCC) solution was deployed leveraging our actionable intelligence platform, Actilligence
  • Data and services from 11 different departments integrated in quick time for centralized monitoring
  • Revenue dashboards to understand revenue flow and overdue from various revenue sources and exceptional analysis to identify revenue leakage
  • Video stream from police/traffic control room made available for surveillance with proposed video analytics integration
  • Beach safety monitoring pilot with a fully loaded emergency pole that can be controlled from command center
  • Supports incident management as per standard operating procedures (SOPs)


  • Proactive safety and surveillance monitoring
  • Better monitoring of water supply, air quality and solid waste removal
  • Centralized resolution of citizen grievances and other events/incidents as per SOPs
  • Clear view of revenue losses and dues from all sources to trigger SOPs
  • Continuous centralized coordinated monitoring of smart city projects/programs being implemented


Fluentgrid proposed and implemented first of its kind smart city command center in India by integrating data and services from more than 11 city departments in record time. Now, city managers can quickly understand where their tax dues are concentrated, where they are losing money, how many street lights have failed, how many garbage trucks are on the field, what is the air quality at various locations, how much water is being supplied to the city, how many citizen grievances are pending, how many trees are lining the city streets and so on apart from street and beach monitoring through video surveillance. Vizag is now way ahead of other cities.

Fluentgrid's City Command Center for Visakhapatnam city being launched by AP CM Sri Nara Chandra Babau Naidu

Visakhapatnam Smart City Command Center by Fluentgrid being launched by AP CM Sri Nara Chandra Babau Naidu

This Command and Control Center project earned us the Safe City Award at the recently concluded 3rd Smart Cities India Expo 2017 held in New Delhi. The award was given for leveraging digital technologies to create a safer environment for citizens of Vizag.