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Seamless transformation of cities with smart and sustainable solutions

Rapid urbanization, rising aspirations of citizens for a better quality of life and competition among cities to attract more investments and retain skilled people are the trends fueling smart city movement. Essentially, a smart city entails uninterrupted flow of utility services through coordinated instrumentation, participative governance through citizen involvement and gaining deeper insights into city data for continuous improvement.

Smart City Solutions from Fluentgrid

Smart Solutions powered by Smart Things, enabling Smart Governance via ubiquitous Smart Interfaces

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Our solutions span the entire spectrum of smart city ICT eco-system including multi-utility management, smart metering and smart grids, e-governance, city ERP, IoT enabled intelligent infrastructure, advanced analytics and command and control center. We deploy our Smart City products to deliver these solutions faster and in a sustainable manner.

Fluentgrid Smart City Solutions

Fluentgrid Smart City Solutions Portfolio

We assist in preparing a blueprint for the city of future with sustainability in mind, help chart an optimal road map considering the immediate needs and resource availability and deploy the best fit solutions in a cost effective manner with quick returns. Please contact us for a consultation.

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Case Studies

First and the fastest integrated command control and communications (ICCC) center comes alive in India at Visakhapatnam – More than 23 city operations and smart elements from various departments were integrated in a seamless manner.

India’s first greenfield private smart city empowered by Fluentgrid with most critical business applications including utilities management and citizen engagement.

Industry Recognition

Fluentgrid wins Safe City Award for its CCC solution in Visakhapatnam

Fluentgrid is the 2015 IBM Beacon Finalist for Outstanding Smart City Solutions