Next generation CIS for energy retailers

nxter is the cloud solution for energy retailers, who would like to stay lean and nimble yet grow aggressively and expand into new regions to quickly capitalize on opportunities. nxter™ relieves them from the burden of coping with EDI technology jargon and empowers the back office staff with a simple and intuitive interface to go about doing their daily tasks.

nxter retail energy CIS

nxter is the cloud hosted solution derived from the time tested Fluentgrid Smart Utility product suite to meet the demanding needs of competitive retailers. A few salient features of nxter include:

  • Multi-commodity and multi-lingual support
  • Freedom from technology jargon with behind the scenes EDI integration
  • Support for accurate billing with on-the-fly validations and shadow billing
  • Easy creation of new products with complex tariff structures
  • Quick configuration for effortlessly expanding into new regions
  • Easy integration with 3rd party APIs like new payment channels, credit rating agencies, etc
  • Customer self-service web portal and mobile apps
  • Integratable customer helpdesk and call center functionality
  • Effortless multi-channel customer engagement for better retention
  • Comprehensive reporting

More details on http://www.nxter.io