Smart Grid Products

Meter independent and protocol agnostic for future-proof smart grids

Fluentgrid Smart Grid product suite provides the essential last mile building blocks for utility supply chain modernization.

Fluentgrid Smart Grid Product Suite

Fig: Fluentgrid Smart Grid Product Suite

Fluentgrid UHES (Unified Head End System) is an independent, unified, secure, scalable and interoperable meter data collection system, which ensures data collection and remote configuration of meters, devices and sensors across the utility, irrespective of vendors.

Fluentgrid UHES can also handle data collection with or without vendor specific head end systems. It establishes seamless flow of data through meters to field devices to Fluentgrid MDMS or any other industry standard MDMS before the data is made available for downstream systems.

Fluentgrid UHES provides out of the box provision to configure and collect large volumes of data from various makes of meters, sensors and field devices with ease. It ensures two-way communication between meters, gateways and DCUs supporting standard protocols such as DLMS, EURIDIS, MODBUS, IEC1107, and PACT via multiple communication channels such as RF, Optical RS232/485, PLC, GSM, GPRS, and Ethernet.

Fluentgrid UHES raises alerts/notifications about missing meter reads, no meter reads, tampers, and power failures. It helps avoid field visits for any necessary disconnects/reconnects, configurations and firmware updates by allowing them to be performed remotely.

Fluentgrid MDMS (Meter Data Management System) is core to AMI deployments and other smart grid initiatives, enabling utilities to extract full value out of meter data across the organization.

Fluentgrid MDMS collects and processes the data from various types and variety of devices in the smart grid ecosystem, including meters from leading vendors. Our MDMS loads, validates, structures and stores that data in ways that can be easily accessible for downstream systems, either internal or external, across the utility. It supports standard functionality for VEE (Validation, Estimation, Editing), aggregations, event subscriptions, bill determinants, and AMI rollout processes.

Fluentgrid MDMS is the first and the only Asian headquartered utility MDMS product to be featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Utility Meter Data Management Systems since 2014. A true COTS product, Fluentgrid MDMS can be quickly setup to work with leading meter vendors in our target markets.

Fluentgrid NMS (Network Monitoring System) is a network performance monitoring system for meters, field devices, communication channels and data centers involved in AMI deployments and smart grid initiatives. NMS ensures seamless flow of data through meters to field devices to our Unified Head End system (UHES) or any other standard head end system via different communication channels.

Fluentgrid NMS is an integral component of Fluentgrid AMI solution, a key enabler for smart grid initiatives. Event data received, via our UHES or any other headend system, about meters, gateways, DCUs within the network is monitored, analyzed and alerted by NMS for required attention. Fluentgrid NMS also monitors SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enabled devices such as servers, routers, switches and services within the network. This proactive performance monitoring system identifies the tasks that can improve the communication and efficiency of operations.

Fluentgrid DSM (Demand Side Management) helps manage the demand side of the supply chain equation more efficiently. Starting from understanding the consumer needs, recommending the consumer on energy efficiency measures, enrolling the consumer in demand response programs through restrictive measures like time of use pricing, critical peak pricing and dynamic pricing.

Fluentgrid DSM has been actively evolving to handle the future needs of behind the meter renewable generation, storage and EV charging into a Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) and thus a Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Fluentgrid OMS (Outage Monitoring System) makes it easy to monitor outages across the distribution network by processing proactive as well as reactive inputs coming from SCADA, AMI, CIS/CRM and EAM/MWM.

Fluentgrid OMS keeps the consumers engaged throughout the outage life cycle via multiple channels including email, text messages, automated calls, push notifications, social media and chatbots. It also keeps the consumers in loop over scheduled maintenance outages or planned load shedding.

Fluentgrid Insight for smart grids leverages MDMS data for load forecasting, peak load monitoring and power quality monitoring.

Key features of Fluentgrid Insight include scheduled and ad-hoc reporting, advanced analytics, complex event processing, KPI monitoring, dashboards with interactive data visualization and maps integration.

Fluentgrid Actilligence platform for utilities helps implement an integrated Smart Grid Command Center (SGCC) to offer situational intelligence to utilities for informed decision making with centralized command and control. Salient features of Actilligence platform include:

  • Centralized surveillance with video analytics to trigger alerts on abnormal events
  • Process alerts coming from meters, IoT devices and Insight converting them to incidents
  • Manage incidents through standard operating procedures
  • Computer aided dispatch and monitoring of incidents via MWM
  • Stay connected with consumers on outages and disasters through OMS/CRM

Fluentgrid Actilligence is an advanced integration, visualization, incident management and SOP management platform for peace time as well as emergency response situations. It facilitates integration of data, events, alerts, audio and video streams from a multitude of systems through various means and also allows remote operation of various devices on demand.


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Fluentgrid continues its successful streak in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MDM products

Fluentgrid continues its successful streak in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MDM products

Continuing its presence in the globally coveted Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management products, Fluentgrid MDMS™ has been listed again in the 2018 report. The only Asian headquartered product company to be listed on these magic quadrants, Fluentgrid’s products...
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