Fluentgrid Enterprise™

Integrated digital platform, a robust foundation for smart cities

Fluentgrid Enterprise™ for cities is an integrated ERP and E-governance platform that establishes a strong foundation for the smart city journey.

Fluentgrid Enterprise™ constitutes a well-integrated suite of products from Fluentgrid’s own product portfolio coupled with widely accepted ERP and e-gov modules of eGovernments Foundation (eGov). The eGov Smart City Platform has matured consistently with over 325 implementations for urban local bodies. We have partnered with eGov to offer an integrated cost-effective product for Indian smart cities, on a unified open standard based platform, to transform urban governance.

Fluentgrid Enterprise™ seamlessly integrates with Fluentgrid Actilligence™ for quickly operationalizing an integrated command and control center (ICCC) for smart cities. It comes pre-configured to work with industry leading smart city solutions from our partners across various urban domains. Its open APIs facilitate easy integration of third-party solutions and other pre-existing city applications.


Comprehensive functionality to empower smart cities


Know Your Constituents (KYC) like residents, visitors, businesses, organizations, government offices, vehicles, etc., to facilitate easy access to city services.

Assets & Facilities

Manage an accurate inventory of city assets and facilities, monitor health, track maintenance activities and optimize usage throughout their lifecycle.


Efficiently manage prospect-to-cash lifecycle for consumers of utility services like water, sewage and solid waste while ensuring uninterrupted services.


Identify and streamline all sources of revenue including metered/un-metered services, taxes, rentals, license/permit/application fees, user/service charges, etc.,


Facilitate anywhere anytime transparent governance as per citizen charter supported by multi-channel centralized citizen grievances redressal and open data portal.


Omni-channel two-way communication with city constituents through web, mobile, kiosk and other interfaces for continuous engagement and participative governance.


Quick and remarkable turnaround of cities, cost effectively

Do away with paper work

Establish universal data capturing, processing and reporting along with workflows across all core functions to eliminate paper based processes and reporting.

Bring down processing times

Unification of all urban functions and rule based workflows facilitate seamless flow of information and timely resolution of issues as per citizen charter.

Responsibility and accountability

Every citizen facing process can be assigned a SLA with penal measures as per citizen charter to ensure accountability and responsibility at all levels.

Prevent fraud and malpractice

Lots of checks and balances embedded into application logic, data processing routines and complex event processing help prevent fraud and malpractice.

Induce democratic local governance

Open data portal facilitates data democratization. Citizen participation in local governance is ensured through online/mobile polls, surveys, volunteering opportunities, etc.,

Extend without limitations

Open standards based Enterprise Java technology platform with extensible architecture allows seamless integration and functional extension without barriers.


City ERP solutions architected using Fluentgrid Enterprise are ably supported by Fluentgrid Software Technical Support. All your queries and concerns can be sent to cityerpsupport@fluentgrid.com.

You can also refer product documentation, knowledge repository and raise/track your tickets on our support portal at fluentgridccc.freshdesk.com