Smart City Products

Made for cities product line for urban rejuvenation

Fluentgrid Smart City product suite is the digital age tool kit to deliver urban IT solutions for seamless transformation into smart cities.

Fluentgrid Smart Grid Product Suite

Fig: Fluentgrid’s Smart City Product Suite

Fluentgrid CIS (Customer Information System) simplifies multi-utility enrollment and meter-to-cash life cycle through a single application. Built-in revenue accounting and revenue protection functionality takes care of anomalies, malpractices, vigilance, exception handling and legal case tracking with assured returns.

Fluentgrid CIS is the first and only Asian headquartered CIS product to be featured in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, consecutively since 2013. Nearly two decades of our persistent effort in understanding and streamlining utility commercial operations helped us build this robust CIS product.

Fluentgrid CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offers feature rich citizen engagement functionality to establish an ever-present unified multi-channel two-way communication line between the city and its citizens through help desks at civic centers, self-service web portal and mobile app, centralized contact center (311), self-service kiosks and so on.

Besides, Fluentgrid CRM takes care of social media monitoring, bulk messaging and push notifications as well making sure that the citizen is always connected with the city administration, as needed.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) addresses the pressing need of most cities to effortlessly handle the procure to scrap life cycle of all city assets and facilities. Fluentgrid EAM is a standards based product with asset tracking, diagnostic capabilities and analytics extensions.

Fluentgrid EAM’s Procurement and Stores modules ensure that at least 50% of the issues concerning city asset management are weeded away at an early stage. Asset and maintenance management modules, when implemented appropriately, put the city on a firm footing for any smart grid initiatives in future.

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) product integrates with several business applications in the city to manage field works. Fluentgrid MWM can be used to effectively assign and monitor tasks to field staff or drones helping improve productivity on the field.

With a slew of new generation IoT enabled devices on the field, the city field crew need on-demand instructional content made available through multiple channels even on the field. Fluentgrid MWM facilitates this in integration with EAM via field devices like smart phones, tablets or AR/VR/MR devices.

Fluentgrid ERM (emergency response management) facilitates optimal response to emergencies (911) through computer aided dispatch, messaging, field communication, monitoring and controlling.

Fluentgrid ERM provides seamless integration with CRM, EAM, MWM and CCC for effectively executing SOPs during emergencies. It also includes functionality to be prepared for disasters in advance.

Fluentgrid Actilligence offers situational intelligence to city managers for informed decision making with centralized command and control. Salient features of Fluentgrid Actilligence include:

  • Centralized surveillance with video analytics to trigger alerts on abnormal events
  • Process revenue, citizen and asset related alerts from Insight and convert them to incidents
  • Manage incidents through standard operating procedures
  • Computer aided dispatch and monitoring of incidents via MWM
  • Stay connected with citizens through CRM

Fluentgrid Actilligence is an advanced integration, visualization, incident management and SOP management platform for peace time as well as emergency response situations. It facilitates integration of alerts and notifications, audio and video streams from a multitude of 3rd party systems through various means and also allows remote operation of various devices on demand. Read more

Fluentgrid Insight facilitates city wide integration of ICT solutions owned/operated by various departments to glean valuable insights into the past, present and future of the city.

The actionable intelligence platform is capable of real time operations monitoring , KPI monitoring, prescriptive/predictive analytics, ad-hoc reporting and analysis, complex event processing, dashboards with interactive data visualization and maps integration.


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Smart City Solutions

Rapid urbanization, rising aspirations of citizens for a better quality of life and competition among cities to attract more investments and retain skilled people are the trends fuelling smart city movement.

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Fluentgrid wins Safe City Award for its CCC solution in Visakhapatnam

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Phoenix is the 2015 IBM Beacon Finalist for Outstanding Smart City Solutions

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