Last mile distribution utilities supplying electricity, water, gas and thermal energy supply essential services, round the clock, keeping their customers comfortable and happy.

Continuing to serve, inspite of hardships

Utilities are at crossroads today, having to deal with multiple issues like:
  • Mounting technical and commercial losses
  • Rising input costs, scarce resources like water and regulatory hurdles to raise tariffs
  • Need to invest in smart metering/grid technologies as mandated and to stay relevant
  • Threat of self-generation with falling solar prices
  • Increasing customer aspirations in a digital era

Fluentgrid, the utility partner

Fluentgrid partners with utilities to:
  • Analyze the current situation and help streamline business processes
  • Implement and maintain ICT solutions using its own software products
  • Offer back office and field services to become lean and agile
  • Continue to advise and support as a strategic partner

Every critical solution on the utility last mile

We are capable and experienced to help utilities on most of the solutions and services that affect the last mile of the utility value chain, including:
  • Consulting Services
  • ICT Solutions
  • Managed Services

Impeccable record in utility transformation

  • Regulated utilities on the brink of collapse, riddled with problems all around
  • Nationwide integrated power companies without standardized business processes
  • Utilities running with manual registers, ledgers and meter reading books
  • Large utilities unhappy with their legacy systems
  • Those unhappy with their recently deployed billing and CRM systems
  • Energy companies in inhospitable regions seeking help
  • Retail energy players bootstrapping their business in a competitive market

We had partnered with all of them, helped them transform their operations and continue to support them as a partner and a well wisher.

Within arm’s reach

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    As a partner, we always try to be in touch with our customers and resolve any issue, even before it is reported. With subsidiaries and offices across the world, our teams are always within arm’s reach whenever there is a need.