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Impact: Smart Visakhapatnam City Operations Center



Visakhapatnam (also commonly known as Vizag) is a port city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the largest city in the state and its IT capital, with a population of 2 million. Visakhapatnam was ranked eighth among the first 20 cities to be selected as part of the Indian Government’s Smart Cities Mission. Its smart city program is being driven by Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation Limited (GVSCCL), the special purpose vehicle (SPV) created by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC).

The program includes a wide range of proposals to improve the city’s sanitation, livability, safety and security, transportation and mobility, water supply, reliability of power supply, and lighting infrastructure as well as improving government services and local amenities. GVSCCL estimates that around $220 million will be required over 5 years to meet its plans for infrastructure and service improvement split between grants from the Smart Cities Mission, matching funds from the city, and other investments.

Solution Delivered

As part of the smart city program, the GVSCCL has deployed a City Operations Center that provides integrated management for a range of city services. The Operations Center is based on an Integrated Command Control and Communication (ICCC) solution provided by Fluentgrid by deploying its Actilligence® urban platform.

The city’s goals for the operations center include increased sanitation and health, public safety, traffic accident reduction, improved administrative efficiency especially about revenue collections, and e-government services, and better preparation for disaster management. The plan is for the operations center to integrate with a wide range of city systems include city surveillance, traffic monitoring, street lighting, waste monitoring, and utility systems, as well as core financial and management systems.


Overall 23 city systems are integrated onto the platform. An executive dashboard provides an integrated view across department-level systems and overall performance. Data is also collated across systems for analysis to understand activity patterns and abnormal events, provide timely alerts on actionable events and convert them into incidents mapped with configurable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Vizag operations center data is also integrated into Andhra Pradesh state-wide real time governance system (larger state-wide version of command center).


As a further extension of its smart city ambitions, GVSCCL has installed smart poles in 50 strategic locations across the city. The smart poles support several functions including provision of Wi-fi hotspots, weather monitoring, air quality monitoring, CCTV, panic button and public messaging. The smart poles are integrated into the City Operations Center. Overall, 15 smart elements are integrated with the City Operations Center. Other potential applications include acting as small cell locations for extending cellular coverage in the city.


Some of the benefits realized so far include

  • City wide revenue collection numbers have greatly increased, with overall efficiency increased by 43%
  • Citizen grievances response and closure rate has almost touched 99%, with dramatic improvement in SLA adherence (Increased from 5% to 27%)
  • Effectively used the City Operations Center to bring the spread of Dengue under control within the city, and swiftly mobilize various departments to treat the identified cases with utmost attention and care


While Vizag City Operations Center was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri. N. Chandra Babu Naidu in the month of Feb 2018, the journey so far has been very impactful, and on a path to successfully realizing the overall envisioned benefits.

In his own terms GVMC Commissioner M Hari Narayanan said, ‘a city cannot be smart without the basic stuff such as sanitation, livability, public safety, transportation and good governance’. He envisions the City Operations Center eventually become a platform for good governance while addressing the ever-changing aspirations of citizens and minimizing the problems faced by city administration, in the process it empowers citizens to move forward, ecosystem and industry to flourish.

Fluentgrid Limited is Technology Partner  at ‘India Smart Grid Week’ (ISGW 2018)


We take pleasure to let you know that Fluentgrid Limited is Technology Partner at the 4th Edition of International Conference and Exhibition ‘India Smart Grid Week’ (ISGW 2018) from 5th to 9th March, 2018 at Manekshaw Centre, Dhaula  Kuan, New Delhi. 

Webslide ISGW-2018


Integrated Command and Communication Centre Commissioned at Visakhapatnam


We are pleased to share information on successful commissioning of the Integrated Command and Communication Centre (ICCC) of Visakhapatnam (a.k.a. Vizag) Smart City by Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the honorable chief minister of the sunrise state Andhra Pradesh.
The command center solution was developed and implemented in record time with Fluentgrid CCC product, leveraging its rich off-the-shelf functionality coupled with the underlying intelligent, robust yet flexible Actilligence® platform. The solution enables real-time monitoring of civic issues, water and power supply, city and beach surveillance, traffic management, air quality monitoring, solid waste management and the like. The IoT enabled smart bins with volumetric sensors, used for solid waste management, can be monitored in real time for effective cleanliness of the city.

“The Vizag command center project integrates with about 15 departments in the city demonstrating more than 60 use cases for improved city governance and disaster management.”

Fully loaded smart poles with environment sensors, public wi-fi access, public address system, surveillance cameras, variable message displays, emergency call box and smart lighting support the administration and public at large during peace time as well as in emergency situations.
The ICCC is a manifestation of human senses as it monitors the urban daily life through cameras and sensors (SEE), has the cognitive ability by analysing the data and arriving at actionable intelligence (THINK) and initiate appropriate actions using machine learning algorithms (DO), in a coordinated and systematic manner based on the rules and SOPs defined. Responsive cities are the next step in the evolutionary cycle of smart cities where the SEE-THINK-DO paradigm is leveraged to deliver real time governance in smart cities.

“The Visakhapatnam Command Center implemented by Fluentgrid integrates over 20 smart elements besides eGovernance and ERP systems as well as the state level Real Time Governance (RTG) center.”

The command and control center aligns with the Andhra Pradesh chief minister’s vision of 360 degrees urban real-time governance. It ensures convergence of information between various departments through the ICT platform thereby driving administrative efficiency and accountability with transparency.
The project also includes an open data portal for transparent data sharing with all the city stake holders. Open data facilitates an innovation eco-system for students and citizen entrepreneurs to develop apps on the platform delivering new use cases for citizens and the city administrators.

“Speaking on the occasion Mr. Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD & CEO of Fluentgrid Ltd., thanked the city administration, partners and employees for making this possible with coordinated efforts against tight deadlines. He reaffirmed his commitment to further empower Vizag with the best of smart city technologies in the days ahead.”


Back in 2016, when Visakhapatnam city was getting ready for 100 Smart Cities Challenge of India, Fluentgrid helped them setup an interim command center in record time, integrating 11 smart elements and applications in all. It was the first of its kind city operations center in India that integrated not only the smart elements like water SCADA, environmental sensors and LED street lights, but also egovernance applications like municipal revenue assurance and citizen grievance management. The interim command center also integrated our patented beach safety poles for situational awareness and emergency warnings to the public. This project was a game changer as it projected Vizag city as a tech-savvy contender and eventually Vizag won the smart city challenge in the very first round.
Enthused by the success of the interim command center, the Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation Ltd (GVSCL) released an RFP in Jan 2017 for a full-fledged integrated command and communications center to include peacetime city operations center, disaster management center, multi-channel citizen engagement center besides citizen mobile apps and mobile workforce management. The scope of the smart city project for Fluentgrid comprised of ERP and E-governance applications, ICCC and a whole lot of smart elements like fully loaded smart poles, Traffic Management, etc.
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Fluentgrid wins TV5 Business Leader Award


The TV5 Business Leader Awards was constituted to recognize and reward the most exceptional businesses and entrepreneurs with their inventive thinking, innovation and inspiration.

Fluentgrid has been chosen as the “IT Leader of the year 2017 (AP – Large)” in IT Category by Jury members of the TV5 Awards Committee.

TV5 Award


The TV5 Business Leader Awards are considered the biggest awards show in AP and Telangana. This show was pioneered as a tribute to the enterprising visionaries who are building, growing and expanding businesses with their passion for excellence.

Fluentgrid wins THE BIZZ AMEA 2017 AWARD


Fluentgrid has been adjudged Winner of The BIZZ AMEA 2017 Business Award organized by the WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESS (WORLDCOB).

WORLDCOB headquartered in Houston, USA is a Worldwide Chamber of Commerce that has been contributing to global business for the past 12 years, with more than 3000 members in over 120 countries from continents such as Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. It recognizes good business practice on a global scale through the business award THE BIZZ, which is offered every year.

The business excellence evaluation criteria set out by the evaluation committee was on Business Leadership, Product and/or Service Quality, Management Systems, Innovation and Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility and other accomplishments.


Speaking on the occasion Mr. Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD & CEO, Fluentgrid said that it is really encouraging to win yet another Global Award from WORLDCOB and this only motivates us to set bigger goals to achieve in the years to come, while thanking the WORLDCOB Board of Directors for selecting Fluentgrid for this honor.