About Fluentgrid

Driving transformation with expertise gained from experience

Since 1998, we have been on a long journey, transforming utilities and cities to become more process oriented, operations savvy, customer-centric and of course profitable and sustainable.

Along the way we learnt a lot about what our customers are doing right, helped them correct course where needed, and implemented right-fit solutions to continuously improve and sustain their business. All that knowledge and best practices are now embedded into our software products and services, our solution offerings and our implementation approach.

We partner with our customers, closely working with them through out the project term and beyond. We also identify the best business model with which to deliver our solutions so as to ease the burden on our customers. That in essence, is the secret behind our success and why our customers swear by us.

Fluent Vision

We envision an omnipresent smart grid nervous system that runs multiple utilities like power, water, gas, sewage, solid waste, street lighting, transportation, Wi-Fi services and so on, paving the way for sustainable communities and better quality of life with people participation. Today’s technology makes it possible if we have the vision and execution capability.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of ICT solutions to seamlessly transform energy utilities and cities; backed by industry thought leadership, proven products, innovative solutions, precise delivery and reliable support.



Our Credo: Seamless Transformation

We have proven solutions for utilities and cities that churn out actionable intelligence to drive seamless transformation. Our solution offerings are based on an advanced technology framework that allows seamless integration of multiple applications, services and devices in a future proof manner, with lower TCO and faster ROI.

Quality Focus

Backed by ISO certified process frameworks, CMMI L5 compliance, agile solution delivery models and unflinching customer support; we implement our solutions in a time bound manner with least disruption to ongoing business and long term commitment to support our solutions.


We continuously scan the technology landscape and apply emerging technologies to solve our customers’ pain points, through innovative solutions with a few patents along the way. Some of the innovative ideas we are incubating at the moment include:

  • Using drones to to improve field service productivity especially in difficult terrain
  • Using AR to aid field crew perform their tasks on the field with minimal training
  • Leveraging block chain paradigm to eliminate hassles in meter-to-cash processes
  • Harnessing AI and new energy paradigms for a seamless uninterrupted utility supply chain
  • Making use of social engagement tools to connect the utility with its consumers, like never before

Creating Shared Value (CSV)

We care about the communities and people that accommodate us and our customer organizations. We organize our CSV activities through our charitable trust Ananda Cityzen Trust (Cityzen). Cityzen works towards fostering people-centric smart city movement for sustainable and resilient communities. Cityzen strives to involve citizens and citizen groups along with optimal use of technology to realize the smart city vision with happier people.

Ananda Cityzen Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cityzenvizag
Smart Kirlampudi Pilot Project: http://www.onevizag.org/