Releasing new service connections as per SLAs is always a challenge for utilities, especially when it requires infrastructure creation or upgrade. The challenge is far greater in deregulated markets, more so because of increasing consumer expectations in terms of timely delivery in a transparent manner. Periodic updates to service connection parameters, disconnections and reconnections could lead to chaos if not handled ontime properly through software defined workflows.

We follow our time tested 5-Step methodology to baseline your service connection data, document and streamline business processes and then implement our mPower CIS based solution to implement a robust service connection management solution.Our mPower CIS product won wide acclaim among utilities with a wide variety of business processes, new service connection policies, disconnection/reconnection practices and so on.

Our service connection management solutions offer you:

  • Accurate inventory and mapping of consumers and service connections.
  • Workflow and rule based business processes for timely completion of tasks as per SLAs, better accountability and improved transparency. Ex: new service connection, disconnection/reconnection, move-in/out, etc.
    Ex: service connection requests, complaints and trouble calls
  • Detailed estimation and work order processing to facilitate infrastructure creation or upgrades required for new connections.
  • 360 degree view of entire service connection life cycle with audit trail.
  • Highly interactive and informative customer self-service portal accessible on smart phones and tablets as well.