Asset management need not be complex. Traditionally, expensive ERP based solutions relegated asset management only to large utilities with abundant resources. Even in these utilities, user adaption has been sparse given the complex nature of these solutions. We offer mPower based asset and maintenance management solutions that come with an optimal TCO and RoI combination. In addition, since the mPower™ Asset & Maintenance Management is made for utilities with utility users in mind, the resulting solution is much easier to use thereby driving quick adaption.

We work with you to sensitize utility assets by installing suitable sensors on utility assets and integrate them with our smart grid head-end data management system for two way communication, real time analysis and instantaneous alters/notifications. The data thus acquired is analyzed using Grid Watch for predictive maintenance, automatic scheduling of work orders and the like.

We follow our time tested 5-Step methodology to baseline your asset and facilities data, streamline business processes at all touch points and then implement our mPower Grid™ based solution without compromising your service level agreements.

Our mPower Grid product won wide acclaim among utilities across countries with a wide variation in asset management rules, maintenance management practices and service level agreements. Our asset management solutions offer you:

  • Accurate inventory of assets and facilities along with map based visualization
  • Seamless asset tracking from cradle to grave with a simplified user interface
  • Sensor enabling assets and sensor data acquisition, analysis, storage and controlled access
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc work order creation and management
  • Integration with mobile workforce management for effective field service
  • Optional integration with Google Glass for inventory, field service, etc.