Revenue Scout is a closed loop revenue protection system for power, gas, water utilities and cities. The cloud hosted solution leverages big data analytics, dynamic workflows and mobile field service management to offer an integrated solution without any capital investment.

revenue_scoutRevenue Scout is primarily meant for maximization of revenue realization by combating the anomalies cropping up in utility metering, billing, payments and revenue accounting functions. It also stands guard against any potential revenue leakage by continuously monitoring real time events.

Revenue Scout employs big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify anomalies which are then converted into actionable exceptions. Each exception is routed through a pre-defined workflow until closure. Field force can access the workflow tasks assigned to them and take actions like physical verification of premises and meters, capturing photographs, serving notices on the spot and so on to prevent multiple trips to the site thereby speeding up issue resolution.

Utility and city executives can closely monitor the pending exceptions and their revenue implication thereby improving transparency and accountability across the utility. Revenue Scout is a reformatory tool in terms of revenue protection for utilities and cities. Fluentgrid is offering the solution on cloud platform for quick and easy implementation.