Traditional business intelligence solutions stop at giving you the gyan after churning oceans of data. We walk the extra mile to ensure that intelligence is actionable and also facilitate web and mobile enabled closed loop workflow management until all the issues are addressed and closed satisfactorily. This is what we call actionable intelligence based on our advanced Actilligence platform.

We follow our time tested 5-Step methodology to identify the business issues that are in need of solutions, understand whether we can find answers through data analysis, identify data requirements and capture the same, analyze the data, create workflow tasks and ensure task closure as per SLAs.

Our mPower Actilligence platform won wide acclaim among utilities across the world. Our Actilligence platform based solutions offer you:

  • Instant alerts and notifications based on real time data analysis
  • Automatic conversion of business exceptions into actionable workflow tasks
  • SLA tracking and escalation for each workflow task
  • web or mobile based workflow issue resolution
  • Mobile field service integration for field based activities