Gone are the days of bulky and prohibitively expensive handheld machines for field service personnel. Feature rich smart phones are now within the reach of anybody. You don’t even need to buy one, just install the mobile app in your field crew’s personal smart phone and you are ready to go.

We leverage standard off-the-shelf smart phones and a feature rich mobility platform coupled with our mPower Mobile Workforce Management System to offer simple and user friendly solutions to cater to all your field service scenarios.

We follow our time tested 5-Step methodology to identify your field service needs, vehicle tracking needs, communication issues, workflow needs, integration requirements with command center and knowledge systems, adherence to SLAs, etc. so as to design and deliver an appropriate solution considering your current and future needs.

Our field service solutions won wide acclaim in toughest terrains including Afghanistan. Our mPower based solutions offer you:

  • Mobile field service capability with off-the-shelf commodity smart phones
  • Integrated mobility platform for managing the mobile devices in terms of security, push notifications, data sync, app updates, etc.,
  • Map based visualization of field workers for continuous tracking
  • Auditing capability to track a field crew’s whereabouts at a given point of time
  • Rule based automatic assignment of jobs to field crew
  • Integration with workflow management system for handling field service tasks
  • Push to talk and video streaming to command center for real time guidance from experts
  • Optional integration with knowledge base for field access
  • Optional integration with Google Glass for better productivity