Knowledge of customer and efficient customer service request tracking are still the major challenges at utilities despite implementing some form of customer care systems. These systems are not built considering specific utility domain requirements and hence cannot be expected to meet future requirements of intelligent utilities.

We follow our time tested 5-Step methodology to baseline your consumer data, streamline business processes at all customer touch points and then implement our mPower CIS based solution without compromising your customer service philosophy.

Our mPower CIS™ product won wide acclaim among utilities across countries with a wide variation in business processes, customer communication channels, issue resolution mechanisms and service level agreements. Our customer care solutions offer you:

  • Accurate inventory of consumers and service connection attributes
  • Workflow and rule based business processes for a better overall consumer experience, higher accountability and improved efficiency.
    Ex: service connection requests, complaints and trouble calls
  • Most affordable multi-channel contact center solution based on VoIP technologies; also offered as an outsourced service.
  • Highly interactive and informative customer self-service portal accessible on smart phones and tablets as well
  • Optional interfaces to self-service kiosks and social networking platforms.