Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat is the country-wide utility serving the electricity needs of Afghanistan.

Kabul Electricity Division (KED) is responsible for the electricity needs for the Kabul Metropolitan Region.

USAID funded Kabul Electricity Service Improvement Project’s (KESIP) main goal is to reduce electricity losses for Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) largest distribution hub (Capital Hub) in Kabul, and to rebuild the hub’s technical, commercial and human resource systems.
TetraTech head the KESIP program with support from Deloitte and at the end of the KESIP project the Capital Hub is expected to be operating with substantially reduced electricity losses.

Phoenix was selected as the prime solution provider for the CIS/CRM needs of Afghanistan and it licenses its mPower™ Suite for the entire country of Afghanistan with the initial project area limited to the Kabul Metropolitan Region for KED.

Phoenix’s mPower™ suite was considered the best solution among global competition and Phoenix’s project management and expertise in implementing CIS/CRM solutions across India and Nepal were also considered extensive and unparalleled.

The award decision by consultants Deloitte and TetraTech was also helped by the fact that Phoenix has experience in implementing its solution in rural areas across India and in troubled areas across the world.

Phoenix shall be customizing its mPower™ product for use in both English and Dari. It shall also train the users as well as provide user and technical manuals in both the languages.
Phoenix licenses the following modules from its suite:

  • System Architecture
  • Reporting and Queries
  • Customer Information
  • Premise Information
  • Customer Contact (CRM)
  • Account
  • Services
  • Bill Preparation and Distribution
  • Credit and Collections
  • Payments and Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receipting
  • Meter Reading
  • Field Service Orders
  • Service Interruptions and Outages
  • Calculating Charges
  • Consumption Calculation
  • Interfaces
  • System Administration

Phoenix will implement its mPower™ CIS/CRM for Customer Information Systems and Customer Relationship Management as well as mPower Insight for Big Data Analytics and will maintain the project for a further period of 3 Years.