Robust utility software bringing smiles to millions of satisfied end-consumers.

mPower™ Smart Utility suite is the result of our sustained endeavor at supporting utilities in curtailing their revenue losses, ensuring customer delight and improving operational efficiency. mPower™ suite has been constantly evolving with field lessons learnt over a period of 15 years by offering pragmatic solutions to most demanding utilities across diverse regions.

mPower™ Smart Utility is a comprehensive product suite comprising of 25 products across 5 complimentary product lines viz. CIS, CRM, AMI, Grid and Enterprise. These products are built from scratch for utilities making them easier to quickly configure and integrate without extensive customization.

mPower Smart Utility Suite

mPower™ Smart Utility Suite

Seamless integration of workflow intensive functions like new service connection and disconnection/ reconnection along with other critical functions like metering & billing, payments & credit collection of the utility’s revenue management life cycle (aka MBC or meter-to-cash or prospect-to-cash) using mPower CIS™ ensures that you are in total control of commercial operations. Built-in revenue protection functionality takes care of theft, vigilance, exception handling and legal case tracking assuring you guaranteed returns.

mPower CIS™ is the first and the only Asian headquartered utility CIS product to be featured in the Gartner magic quadrant, consecutively since 2013. Over 15 years of our persistent effort in understanding and streamlining utility commercial operations helped us build this robust utility CIS product. mPower CIS™ can be quickly setup to the specific needs of any utility around the world.

mPower CRM™ offers an unique combination of utility facing and customer self-service functionality to establish an ever-present multi-channel two-way communication line between the utility and its consumers through customer care helpdesk, web/mobile/kiosk self-service, unified contact center and trouble call management modules.

Customer analytics supported by customer segmentation facilitates deeper insights into consumer data helping the utility to improve customer experience, reduce customer churn, reduce service costs, increase efficiency of customer facing operations and so on. Download mPower CRM datasheet for more details.

mPower AMI™ product line handles the entire commodity supply chain whether it is electricity, gas or water. Starting with the head-end system for data acquisition; followed by meter data management system for data import, validation, analysis and management; supported  by demand side management to shave peak load with consumer involvement and of course load forecasting to take appropriate decisions in advance; mPower AMI™ forms the foundation of any utility’s smart grid road map.

mPower MDMS™ is the first and the only Asian headquartered utility MDMS product to be featured in the Gartner magic quadrant for 2016. Near real-time auditing provides detailed visual breakdown of technical and commercial losses across the supply chain allowing the utility to take targeted actions to plug leakages and reduce AT&C losses.

mPower Grid™ provides the basic building blocks of a full-fledged networked smart utility grid. Integrated outage monitoring is one such smart grid building block that demonstrates the seamless integration capabilities of mPower platform across CIS, CRM, AMI and Grid product lines. Smart grid command center dashboard provides deeper insights into asset and network health and help predict potential failures thereby prompting predictive maintenance routines and outage manoeuvres. Monitor the smart grid network along with power quality and peak load to take right decisions in real time to maintain a healthy grid.

mPower Enterprise™ addresses the pressing needs of most utilities for an integrated suite of enterprise applications that work seamlessly with other operational systems in the utility. Asset and maintenance management modules coupled with mobile workforce management, when implemented appropriately, put your utility on a firm footing for any smart grid initiatives you may take in future. Easy to use GIS survey and mapping tools for consumer and asset indexing are the most essential but missing elements at many utilities. Material management functionality has been found to be the need of the hour to handle large scale smart metering roll-outs and network upgrades across the world.

Aging workforce giving way to young and less experienced workforce calls for advanced knowledge management systems with built-in e-learning and assessment capability. Instructional text or videos from these knowledge systems is made available through multiple channels on-demand even on field via a smart phone or tablets or Google Glass.

Utilities can collate data from disparate systems and gain deeper business insights through real time business activity monitoring and beyond. mPower Insight of our Enterprise stack, (earlier known as mPower BI) leverages Hitachi’s Pentaho advanced analytics platform with MapR Apache Hadoop system for big data architecture. mPower Insight is also an integral component of mPower AMI and mPower Grid for big data analytics around smart meter data and smart grid applications. mPower Insight also powers mPower RPS, our analytics based closed loop revenue protection system paired with mobile workforce management functionality. Download mPower Insight datasheet for more details..

mPower™ suite is based on our advanced enterprise integration platform for seamless integration of various applications, services and devices in a future proof manner through service oriented architecture.

Some of the salient features of mPower™ smart utility suite are:

  • Unified information access: Portal framework for unified access to information in any format like web content, email, documents, reports, maps, etc.,
  • Communication & collaboration: Multi-channel communication and collaboration through VoIP, IM/chat, email, SMS, mobiles/handhelds/tablets, IVRS, social networks, Google Glass, etc.,
  • Business intelligence: Integrated solution for intelligent decision support with robust tools for ETL, big data management, analytics, reporting, machine learning and dashboards.
  • Business operations agility: Workflow and rule engines for easy customization in tune with ever changing business needs, without help from software programmers.
  • Enterprise integration: Web services based service oriented architecture facilitates easy integration with legacy as well as third party applications.
  • Smart grid integration: Seamless integration with meters, sensors and other devices based on open standards paving the way for future integration with any type of smart grid devices.
  • Security and auditing services: Secure access based on role based access permissions, with single sign-on. Mandatory audit trail for all data transactions.