Robust time tested software for smart utility grids, now at work for smart cities

mPower™ Smart City is a comprehensive software suite that addresses multi-utility needs of integrated cities and townships or independent residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use communities like gated communities, business parks, industrial townships, SEZs, large campuses and so on. mPower suite is easier to configure and can be integrated with minimal effort without extensive customization.

mPowered Confluent Solution for Smart Cities

mPowered Confluent Solution for Smart Cities

Simplify multi-utility service enrollments through a single interface and manage their contracts securely. Seamless integration of metering, metered billing, taxation, user charges and other fee payments and credit collection functions of a city or community’s revenue management life cycle using mPower CIS™ ensures that you are in complete control of your finances. Built-in revenue accounting and revenue protection functionality takes care of anomalies, malpractices, vigilance, exception handling and legal case tracking assuring you guaranteed returns.

mPower CIS™ is the first and only Asian headquartered CIS product to be featured in the Gartner magic quadrant, consecutively since 2013. Over 15 years of our persistent effort in understanding and streamlining utility commercial operations helped us build this robust CIS product. mPower CIS™ can be quickly setup to the specific needs of any city or community around the world.

mPower CRM™ offers feature rich Citizen Relationship Management functionality to establish an ever-present multi-channel two-way communication line between the city and its citizens through citizen service helpdesk (311), self-service web portal and mobile app, centralized contact center and multi-channel customer engagement solutions.
mPower Enterprise™ addresses the pressing need of most cities and communities for an integrated suite of enterprise applications that work seamlessly with other operational systems. mPower’s materials, asset and maintenance management functionality helps you effortlessly handle procure to scrap life cycle of all assets and facilities. Easy to use GIS survey and mapping tools for asset indexing are quite handy too. Work order management functionality has been found to be the need of the hour to handle construction projects and maintenance works, while the mobile workforce management system can be used to improve productivity on the field. Knowledge management functionality can be used to capture learning material to train the work force on installation and maintenance routines as well as trouble shooting.

mPower Grid™ and mPower AMI™ provide the basic building blocks of an instrumented and networked smart community grid. An IoT head-end for data acquisition from meters or any other devices, data/command processor for validation and execution, analytics engine for insights and the command center dashboard for multi-dimensional view of the city; all these modules put together facilitate two-way communication with city assets and citizens through multiple channels and also put your community on a firm footing for any advanced IoT initiatives and new use cases you may want to implement in future.

mPower CCC is an advanced integration, visualization, analytics and real time event and incident management platform for peace time city operations as well as emergency response situations. CCC facilitates integration of historical and real time feeds of data, audio and video streams from a multitude of 3rd party systems through various means and also allows remotely controlling various devices on demand.

Advanced analytics, complex event processing, SOP management, intuitive and interactive visualizations with maps integration are some of the key features of CCC that offer unmatched value in integration with rule based workflow management and mobile field service management.