Server virtualization, cloud provisioning, enterprise mobility, not to mention the never ending compliance needs; there is no respite for the IT infrastructure heads at utilities. Smart metering and smart grids demand mission critical 24×7 operations. On the other hand the IT teams have to be continuously on their toes adapting to the ever changing technology landscape, evaluating new technology solutions offered by vendors and yet fit everything within ever shrinking budgets and increasing costs.

Trust us to take care of your infrastructure management from our secure control centers leveraging a renowned service management platform like ServiceNow or a platform of your choice. We offer a mix of onsite, offshore and near shore models for addressing your security and response needs. We can help you set up and maintain network, server, storage, database and application performance monitoring and optimization practice. We will help you prepare and maintain a disaster management strategy for business continuity.


Our mPower Grid™ and mPower AMI™ product lines can be leveraged to offer remote monitoring services for utility field assets and facilities apart from solar and wind farms. Our services in this area include remote surveillance, incident management and any other custom operational monitoring scenario. Big data and machine learning technologies are used to train the system to increase the effectiveness of surveillance and operational intelligence.