Most of the effort and resources spent by utilities go towards customer-facing activities leaving very few resources and little management bandwidth to tackle macro issues affecting the utility. The advent of smart grids puts more pressure on already strained resources, as the new environment calls for increased customer engagement, more technical resources, higher capital and management mind share.

Trust us to handle all the customer-facing activities on your behalf, so that you can channel your effort and resources towards core issues affecting your utility. We also provide technical services in the areas of asset management, energy audit, demand side management, etc., to help you maintain network health.

By delivering these services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers, we have gained thorough knowledge and expertise to guide other utilities to unlock their full potential and achieve operational efficiencies through our consulting practice.

Backed by a stringent process framework, robust software application suite, seasoned domain experts and energetic support teams, we have the capability to offer best-fit solutions considering your immediate needs and future requirements. We have a set of service delivery models that help you choose between various levels of outsourcing, in line with your corporate strategy, with minimal upfront investment.

Our customer facing services backed by our time tested customer management suite helps improve utility customer satisfaction index by:

  • Enabling utilities to setup and operate customer care centers on their own or in outsourced mode at a different premises
  • Empowering customer self-service through web portal or mobile devices reducing burden on utility staff
  • Allowing utilities to offer flexibility in service delivery through multiple channels for service requests, grievance resolution, bill payments, and so on
  • Allowing utilities to continuously upgrade their consumer SLAs in line with increasing expectations from intelligent consumers
  • Helping utilities dig through various sets of consumer and consumption data using business intelligence tools to gain better insights into consumption patterns, billing and payment history thereby allowing them to proactively plan and implement consumer satisfaction drives and schemes