Ever depleting energy and water resources, threat of global warming, deteriorating health conditions due to pollutants and the need to save the earth for future generations are some of the drivers behind the push to adopt clean and green technologies for self-sustainable communities.

These initiatives require that technology be used in an intelligent manner for taking big decisions such as starting a large scale power generation unit down to switching off an air conditioner in a home. These decisions, whether manual or automated, need a whole lot of data from the field meters and sensors, which need to be acquired periodically, verified, analyzed and presented in the right manner.

Today’s technology makes it easy if you have the vision and execution capability. Communication is becoming pervasive and inexpensive, so are the meters, sensors, displays and controlling devices that together form the smart grid.

We envision an omnipresent smart grid nervous system that is used to run multiple utilities like power, water, gas, sewage, solid waste, street lighting, public transport, emergency services, etc., paving the way for sustainable communities and better quality of life with people participation.