At Fluentgrid, we recognize that we are responsible for our customers, employees and other stakeholders. Over the years we have been given the opportunity of using our solutions to touch the lives of millions of utility consumers over the world. We are grateful to have had a chance to play a part in improving the quality of our customers’ lives through solutions that were delivered effectively by our employees.

 We care about the communities we serve and have grown along with them. We have successfully implemented various activities to this end; distributing solar lights in remote villages, helping educate underprivileged children, lending a helping hand to cancer patients, aiding in restoration efforts during disasters like the Hudhud cyclone.

 We also invest in our communities through a long term initiative, CitYzen which aims to foster people-centric smart city development. The CitYzen movement works towards developing sustainable and resilient communities using people participation to create a better society. The movement currently has several projects in areas such as ecology, environment and health wherein it motivates citizens to form volunteer groups and work towards a greener, cleaner and healthier city. A lot of our projects involve community participation and the optimal use of technology, when required.

 CitYzen is presently working on Kirlampudi Layout, a colony spread over 16 hectares constituting of 1100 households. In partnership with the local Residential Welfare Association, we are working towards the transformation of this colony into a Smart Community. Through this activity we hope to develop a framework which can be implemented in other parts of Vizag.

 About One Vizag:

OneVizag (oVo) is a citizen-centric smart city initiative of CitYzen. OneVizag aims to engage the citizens of Vizag to participate in the development and prosperity of their city. The initiative provides citizens with a credible and collaborative online platform for them to share ideas towards building a better city.

 Both, people and technology are equally important in realizing the Smart City dream. Hence, OneVizag attempts to put technology in the hands of people leading to people-empowered urban development. OneVizag is undertaking various initiatives such as the Green Vizag, Clean Vizag and Healthy Vizag. All the necessary information and apps related to these initiatives are available on to the portal-

 oVo portal is a common platform for like-minded people working towards making Vizag a truly people-centric smart city. A quick snapshot of the features of oVo:

1. Tree mapping tool that enables location based mapping of trees by users

2. Issue reporting tool (Vizag 311) – allows citizens to report and map local issues like potholes, discarded trash, fused street lights, broken sidewalks, and bring it to the attention of local authorities

3. Citizens can add pictures and comments, and suggest solutions for improving their neighbourhood

4. A gamification function to reward and recognize volunteers for their good work.

5. Knowledge and experience sharing forums for volunteers/members

6. NGOs and RWAs can also be a part of the platform

 You can read more on the CitYzen movement and oVo at:

 We have been following the CSR guidelines set up by the Government of India, and ensure to conduct activities that fall within our CSR Policy:

Download our CSR Policy here