mPower™ Smart Utility Product Suite is well known in the industry as the most flexible utility solution that can be deployed through quick configuration and least amount of customization. Know more about mPower™ Smart Utility Product Suite.  However, building out the physical infrastructure to facilitate computing, storage and networking and making necessary provisions for scalability and availability is usually the most complex and time taking part of enterprise software deployments. Not anymore.

Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd has partnered with IBM to harness the power and flexibility of the most versatile IBM Expert Integrated Systems. Phoenix ported its virtualized mPower™ product suite on to the IBM Pure Flex system making it quick, easy and economical to deploy, scale and monitor utility solutions.

The IBM PureFlex System combines advanced IBM hardware and software along with patterns of expertise and integrates them with an optimized configuration that is simple to acquire and deploy so you can take your solution to production sooner. Patterns of expertise can automatically balance, manage and optimize the elements necessary—from the underlying hardware resources up through the middleware and software—to help deliver and manage today’s modern business processes, services and applications.

IBM provides factory integrated and optimized system infrastructure. The PureFlex System is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure. Highlights of the system include:

Integration by design: deeply integrated compute, storage, and networking resources so you can deploy in hours instead of days

  • Built-in expertise: automated management and deployment expertise for physical and virtual resources so your experts can focus on innovation
  • Simplified experience: optimized configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and time to value for your solution

The PureFlex System offers single management interface for servers, storage and networking resources that minimizes your hardware configuration and setup time. This means less time—and less money—spent on IT infrastructure and maintenance. The PureFlex System works with existing investments and offers a choice of system architectures, hypervisors and network switches so users can tune the system to selected workloads.

Know more about IBM PureFlex Expert Integrated Systems

The deep integration of the mPower™ product suite onto the IBM PureFlex System delivers the following customer benefits:

Simplified deployment and system management

  • Improved workload performance
  • Simplified, easy-to-use management
  • Faster access to stored data
  • Faster deployment and management of cloud services
  • Lower operational expenditures via improved efficiency and utilization